We have summarized frequently asked questions about NIPPON SIM.

Do I need to fill an application form to buy Nippon SIM?

There is no requirement to fill in any application form if you only apply for data only SIM.

What is the expiry date of the SIM card?

Please check the expiry date printed on the SIM card or the package.
Please finish using the SIM card for standard plan before the expiry date.
Please finidh activating the SIM card before the expiry date for SNS count free and unlimited plan.

Can I exchange or return the purchased SIM card?

Sorry, we do not accept return of the purchased SIM card

Do I need to return the SIM card after finish using?

There is no need to return the SIM card after finish using.

Can I extend the usage period of the SIM card?


Can I top up/recharge the data amount of the SIM card?


Can I make a phone call or SMS with the prepaid SIM card?

No. The prepaid Data SIM card can only access data.

Where can I use this SIM card?

You can use the SIM card in Japan countrywide. For detailed coverage, please refer to NTT Docomo Home page https://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/english/support/area/

What devices can I use with this SIM card?

Devices supporting the NTT Docomo 4G/LTE/3G bandwidth can be used.
- Some mobile phones from China maynot be compatible due to different network systems.
- Some dual SIM device may not be able to support.

Which bands are supported by this SIM card?

For 4G/LTE: Band 1 (2100MHz)/Band 19 (800MHz)/Band 21 (1500MHz)/ Band 3(1800MHz)/Band 28(700MHz)
For 3G/W-CDMA: Band 1 (2100MHz)/Band 6/19 (800MHz)

Does the SIM card support 2G/GSM network?

No. It doesn’t.

Can I do tethering with the SIM card?

Yes, you may use the tethering. For APP count free plan, we cannot guarantee 100% APP count free on the receiving device due to the encreption between devices as it may not be captured 100% by our system

After I start using the SIM card, when will the SIM card expirie?

For plan with 7 Days, the SIM card finishes on the 8th Day night time after 23:59, Japan standard time.
For plan with 14 Days, the SIM card finishes on the 15th Day night time after 23:59, Japan standard time.
For plan with 30 Days, the SIM card finishes on the 31st Day night time after 23:59, Japan standard time.
For example, if you activate the SIM card on 1st January 2pm upon arrival, the commencement will start from 2nd January midnight (00:00).

Is there a notification available when the SIM card runs out of data or close to expiry date?


Is there a limitation on daily usage of 4G LTE data?

There is no data limit per day for standard and APP count free plan. For unlimited plan, please refer to the product page for daily limit. Please be aware that due to Fair Usage Policy (FUP), your device may be speed limit if there is a huge increase of use of Data such as P2P.

What is APN?

An APN(Access Point Name)is the setting that allows your device to connect to the DHA mobile service. Therefore please be careful in setting the right APN to ensure connection.

The data speed is slow.

Data speed variation depends on the location and time. Speed may drop in crowded areas, and area with bad reception. If the data amount is used up, the speed will be limited till the end of the usage period.

What can I do if the the speed is slow

Please check the below settings to ensure you are working under 4G LTE network
1) Does your phone support 4G/LTE? If it is a 3G phone then by default it is limited.
2) Does your phone support one or more bandiwdth which docomo provides? The more bandwidth, the better it is
3) Is your phone supports dual SIM card? Please place the SIM card in slot 1 as some phones only support 4G LTE in slot 1, not slot 2.
4) Is the 4G LTE connection signal shown on top of the screen? If it shows a H or 3G, it means you are not connected to the 4G LTE network as required.

I cannot connect to the network.

Please check the below
1) Is the Antenna signal shown on the top of your phone? Please re-insert the SIM card.
2) Is the SIM card inserted in slot 1 if it is a dual SIM phone? Please re-insert the SIM card.
3) Double check the APN setting, ensure you key in the correct data. Delete the installed profile and re-install once again.
4) Turn off and on "flight mode".
5) Turn off and on "Data connection", and "4G prefered" under mobile connection.
6) Please turn on "Data roaming" to test if it is in use.
7) Turn off and on the mobile phone

I can't setup the APN for my iPhone/iPad

Please use the iOS APN settings on the APN setup page.

Where can I get support for my card?

a) Please check with the dealers' support center where you purchased the SIM card. Please ensure you follow the setup instruction. Reset again and turn on your phone again to see if it is fixed.
b) Please contact the support service from the dealer you purchase from.
In case you need our supports after you try the above a) and b), please include the below data when you send your questions to us:
1) Your name
2) Your address in Japan for the next three days
3) your contact number (overseas number acceptable) or SNS account.
4) your phone brand and makes
5) place the SIM card is purchased
6) Name of the prepaid SIM card
7) Telephone number and card number as stated on the prepaid SIM card (0x0-xxxx-xxxx; AX or DN xxxxxxxxxxxx)
8) Symptons of your problem
Support Email is: support@nipponsim.jp; We will contact you as soon as possible.

Which language do you support?

Japanese, English and Chinese