1. MNO SIM card issued by Hong Kong's largest telecommunications company CSL (same position as DoCoMo Japan). Speed and stability are at the MNO carrier level.
  2. Easy to set up: Just turn on data roaming and no tedious APN settings are required. [For iPhone customers using MVNO SIM]: If network is not available even the antenna is shown, please delete the configuration profile of the MVNO SIM.
  3. Supports 4G / LTE data in 15 countries for 7 days. In Hong Kong, 1GB of 4G / LTE data is available until the expiration date. In other countries, 500MB of 4G / LTE data is available daily. If daily data consumed exceeds 500MB, the speed will be limited to 265kbps until 23:59 on the day of use.
  4. Full 24 hours can be used from the start of use: Example: If the local use starts at 8 am, the first day is 24 hours until 7:59 am the next day.
  5. You do not need to continue use the whole 7 days. You may select to use several days and then use the rest in next trip, as long as you finish using by the expiration date. For example: January 1-2 in Thailand, then February 1-2 in Japan, March 1-2 in Australia.
  6. You can also use SNS such as Facebook and LINE in China.

DHA SIM for ASIA 15 countries 7 days Daily 500MB 4G / LTE Data SIM

  • - SIMフリーiPhone/iPad/スマホ/Wifiルーターのご利用が可能です。

    - ご利用を予定している端末に対応しているかご不安の場合、事前に弊社サポートセンター (support@dhacorp.jp)まで お気軽にご連絡ください。(確認は無料です)