1. Ample 5GB 4G / LTE data for 5 days of use. When the 4G /LTE data are consumed, the speed will be throttled at max 128kbps for the rest of the duration.
  2. Tethering is also available! You can share it with your family and friends, or share the Internet with your work tablet or computer.
  3. Utilize Far EasTone’s high quality network. (Please ensure your device supports band 3/41)
  4. Includes 20 minutes of free calls that can be used in China and Hong Kong (20 minutes in total for incoming and outgoing calls).
  5. Applicable devices: SIM-free iPhone / Android / tablet / Wifi-router / LTE-enabled PC
  6. The product package consists of a 3in1 (standard / Micro / Nano size switchable) SIM, a SIM pin bag which can store your original home SIM card, and an English / Japanese setup manual.
  7. If you are using an iPhone with a MVNO SIM and the network is not available even you see the antenna , please delete the configuration profile of the MVNO SIM and restart device.

DHA SIM for TAIWAN 5 days 5GB 4G / LTE data SIM

  • - SIMフリーiPhone/iPad/スマホ/Wifiルーターのご利用が可能です。

    - ご利用を予定している端末に対応しているかご不安の場合、事前に弊社サポートセンター (support@dhacorp.jp)まで お気軽にご連絡ください。(確認は無料です)