1. If you are uncertain whether the device you plan to use is compatible, please feel free to contact our support center (support@dhacorp.jp) in advance. (Confirmation is free)
  2. Easy to set up: Just turn on Mobile data and data roaming. No APN settings are needed. (some android phones may need APN settings)
  3. No basic settings required, just turn on roaming. Wifi routers are supported. Depending on the device and country, some APN settings may be required. Tethering is possible.
  4. It is possible to use 4G-LTE / 3G data of 3GB + 1GB. 3GB data and 1GB data will be calculated separately. (Example: If you go to the United States via Taiwan, if you use 2.5GB of data in Taiwan, 1GB of data that will be used later in the United States will be calculated separately.) If you exceed the purchased data, it will slow down to 128kbps.
  5. It can also be used in Japan, so you can check it before departure. If you are using an iPhone with MVNO SIM and network is not available even the antenna is shown, please delete the configuration profile of the MVNO SIM.

DHA SIM for Global 78 countries 30 days 3 + 1GB North America / Africa / Middle East / Europe / Asia 78 countries data SIM

  • - SIMフリーiPhone/iPad/スマホ/Wifiルーターのご利用が可能です。

    - ご利用を予定している端末に対応しているかご不安の場合、事前に弊社サポートセンター (support@dhacorp.jp)まで お気軽にご連絡ください。(確認は無料です)