First step
APN-like settings
Start use
Purchasing SIM card
Second step
how to use
Easy and easy three-step operation method,
SIM-like termination setting Sum APN-like setting Can be used normally
Third step
Introducing a product
"Nippon SIM for japan" is used. NTT Docomo-like communication network route, high-speed network route connection in all countries of Japan.
Standard plan
Due to the use of NTT Docomo-like communication network, high-speed network connection in all countries of Japan.
APP infinite plan
10 Adults Ki APP Nyo Google Map, Facebook Japanese LINE, etc.
Complete buffet plan
對 經 regular use APP soft body or flow rate use comparative person comparison recommendation infinite quantity banquet. In addition, 4G LTE network-related upaya service.
Overview of products
Standard flow rate
Youtube visual frequency dissemination time (480p)
About 4 small hours
Bunhon Den-mail (300-character left-right Bunhon Den-mail)
Approximately 204,800th _
Web page
About 17 small hours
Tani Kaji 圖
About 28 o'clock
About 1.5 small hours
About 12 o'clock
About 12 o'clock
News News
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