Adopted NTT docomo-like network system
Used Japan's Daiichi Telegraph Company NTT Docomo-like network system,
Provided Japan's most widespread 4G / LTE cover rate
The connected area is
With docomo!
Docomo Shop Genten SIM 卡 adoption Local inquiry method, provided 你 Comfortable upper network experience
Caused use Japanese-style home SIM card,
Can reduce low delay, 讓 您 Can 輕 輕 聯 聯 聯 聯
Regular use APP
Use APP infinite plan story,
Unnecessary use of 你 Can 擔 shinsho 剩 4G / LTE flow rate, use of sympathy!
* Small purchase 4G / LTE distribution is possible.
* The above-mentioned APP soft 內, partly service exemption. Details: “Each soft non-income expense”
* Application introduction calculation exemption total
Introductory non-payment of each application
△: GPS location use flow rate 將 Absent 吃 arriving 圍 內
△: A computer other than a handset that uses a computer like a phone call (a computer that uses a computer), a flow rate that does not include a computer that uses the phone, and is satiated.

Billing target


-External link, connection to an external server

Example) Includes content that embeds and displays external sites such as YouTube and animated GIF sharing sites


・ Communication to acquire location information


・ Use other than the official app


-Communication via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and proxy server


・ Use for tethering




In order to make some communication charges free, our equipment identifies the communication destinations (source IP address, connection destination IP address, port, HTTP header, TLS header) related to these services, but the customer actually It does not identify the communication content (for example, the content of the message, etc.) exchanged with.

In addition, the data used for identification is used only for the service and is not saved.

DHA NIPPON SIM for Japan Only applicable to data connected directly from a smartphone with a contracted SIM inserted.

All actions result in packet communications of a few bytes to a few kilobytes for encryption and IP address resolution (DNS). This communication is not eligible for free.

Communication may be temporarily restricted if a large amount of data is continuously sent or received, which may cause inconvenience to other customers.

Please note that the scope of free coverage is subject to change or addition in the future. The scope of free coverage after change or addition also applies to customers who have already subscribed.