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​Employment information

Starting-up company established in 2017 Expanding communication service business and international trade business

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About DHA Corporation
Our brand:
Nippon SIM for Japan & DHA SIM for overseas
As a telecommunications service company established in 2017, we are developing domestic and overseas telecommunications services for foreigners in Japan, domestic individuals and companies.

We provide our own brand products and services from planning to commercialization, sales, marketing, and support.

Currently, it sells to consumer electronics mass retailers, airports, airlines, online, and 10 overseas countries, and has a large number of transactions with government agencies, educational institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, and listed companies.

We achieved annual sales of 100 million yen in the third year of establishment, and since 2020 we are expanding our business such as mobile-related products, Taiwanese design, sports-related accessories, and Taiwanese tea in 2021.
About the work environment
Since there are many jobs with a sense of speed, I think that I may feel busy, but I think that it is an environment where I can realize my own growth.

Our representative, who was born in Taiwan and was independent from a large foreign-affiliated IT company, considers not only the growth of business but also the growth of members.

Would you like to make use of the experience you have so far and aim for your own career advancement as well as the growth of the company?
Office location: 1-chome, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Job types that are being recruited
Our exclusive agency brand: Taiwan Charcoal
Our agency brand: Bone
Job types currently being recruited ①
sales assistant
As a sales assistant, I will take care of sales, clerical work, and general support work.
【In particular】
★ As a sales assistant, we will take care of the following tasks.
・ General work from ordering to shipping (data input, product preparation, packing)
・ Product production (when receiving an order for a project, all members are together)
・ Domestic and overseas orders ・ Production management ・ Inventory management ・ Return management ・ Customer inquiries ・ Office management (equipment, environmental arrangement)
・ Reporting marketing (promotion planning that leads to sales promotion)
We support the activities of the target people in their 20s and 30s ︕
Graduated or above <Experienced sales assistant>
【In particular】
・ Outlook, Excel (csv / vlook), Word can be done
・ Experienced online sales ・ People who are using SNS or have practical experience
<Environment where the following people can play an active role>
□ People who can take the initiative
□ A person who is good at work with a sense of speed
□ Strong in numbers
□ Work is fine
□ High communication skills
□ A person who wants to grow as a start-up company
□ Those who are interested in inbound business
□ Those who are interested in overseas business
□ Those who want to advance their career
* It is an environment where you can utilize your English skills to exchange requests regarding products with overseas people.
(Please be assured that the person you are communicating with does not speak the Japanese language at all.)

Work location
1-11-16 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Nichirin Building 6th floor

[Transportation stage]
9 minutes walk from "Shibakoen" station 9 minutes walk from "Sanjo" station 9 minutes walk from "Otsuka" station 10 minutes walk from "Hamamatsucho" station

Working hours
9:00 to 18:00 (* Actual work 8h / Break 1h)

[Annual salary system] 3 million yen or more * Annual salary divided into 12 is paid 250,000 yen * Includes fixed overtime pay of 59,500 yen for 40 hours (excess is paid separately)
☆ We will decide after considering experience and ability.

Treatment and benefits
[Salary increase] Once a year [Trial period] 3 months (Working conditions are the same as this adoption)
[Insurance system]
・ Health insurance / Year of life / Employment insurance / Workers' accident compensation insurance <Others>
・ Full transportation expenses / Regular health checkup

Holiday / vacation
120 days a year
・ Complete weekly holiday 2 (day) / holiday / summer vacation / year-end and New Year holidays / paid leave / condolence leave

​Recruitment form

Please apply after agreeing to the "Privacy Policy" below.
Thank you for your application.
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