Introducing our product lineup


We have designed three different plans to help you get connected in Japan! 


This is for your everyday use. We provide varieties of plans varies by days os use and Data Volume.
Designed for heavy SNS users. Unlimited* use of 10 SNS APPs: LINE, Google Map, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Wechat, Skype, Messenger, Kakao talk
Designed for heavy internet users who required high data usage. Ideal for business trip or remote work
3 steps to start using
You can use it immediately after setting APN.

Step 1


Step 2

APN setting

Step 3

Start using
1GB is equivalent to 
You Tube video playback (480p)

About 4 hours

Text mail (300 characters)

About 204,800 times

Internet browsing

About 17 hours

Google Map

About 28 hours


About 1.5 hours


About 12 hours


About 12 hours

About transmission speed

Required to send and receive emails and messages from chat APPs


Can use to browse internet 

1Mbps ~

Required to watch video smoothly

Standard Plan
Our standard plan provides a no-frill solution for your everyday use. Whether you are in Japan for leisure or business trip, our varieties of plans will definitely fit your needs!
Recommended for customers who 
・Want to do Web browsing, Map navigtion, use SNS, light video watching, just the same as in home country.
・Want to choose from 5, 8, 15, 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days to fit short to long trip to Japan, or  frequent travellers who can keep the SIM for next trip!
Product Models
・ Roaming method (docomo line) 

[Unusable terminal]

WIMAX mobile WiFi router (WiMax2 + W03 ~ 06, Speed WiFi Home L02, etc.), NEC Aterm (MP01LN, MR03LN) , PIXELA / PIX-MT110

・ Genuine SoftBank line
・ 180-day plan (full MVNO docomo line) 
DHA-SIM-132:  15GB/180days
DHA-SIM-133:  50GB/180days
DHA-SIM-135:  30GB/180days
・ 180-day plan (DOCOMO (IIJ) Network)
・ 360-day plan (DOCOMO (IIJ) Network)
APP Count Free Plan
A MUST for heavy SNS users!

Use the 10 SNS APPs without worries of running out of high speed data!

Unlimited* use of Google Map, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Twitter, Whatsapp, Wechat, Messenger, Skype, Kakao talk to keep your memories in Japan instantly with your families and friend anywhere!

​*For other APPs usage, it will deduct from the purchased 4G/LTE Data (1/2/3GB) per plan. Once the purchasd Data are consumed, Speed including the 10 APPs will be throttled under 128kbps.

* 4G/LTE speeds for applicable apps are only supported when the purchased 4G/LTE quota is available.

* In the above app, some services are not eligible for free. For details, please see the table below.

Recommended for customers who
・ I need Google Map to guide me during my travels in Japan.
・ I use SNS APP to keep contacting with my families and friends all the time.
・ I want to u
se SNS APP to share the memories during my trip in Japan.
Details of Unlimited use functions of APP
Product Models
・ 7th / 14th / 30th plan

Billing target

・External links and connections to external servers

Example) Includes content that embeds and displays external sites such as YouTube and animated GIF sharing sites.

・Communication to acquire location information

・Use other than the official app

・Communication via VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy server


一部の通信料を無料とするために、これらサービスに関わる通信先(送信元IPアドレス、接続先IPアドレス、ポート、HTTPヘッダ、TLSヘッダ)を弊社装置で 識別していますが、お客様が実際にやり取りされている通信内容(例えばメッセージの内容、等)については識別していません。 また、識別に使用したデータについては当該サービスのみに使用しており、かつ保存もしておりません。DHA NIPPON SIM for Japanご契約のSIMを挿入したスマートフォンから直接データ接続したもののみ対象となります。すべてのアクションで、暗号化およびIPアドレス解決(DNS)のため数バイト~数キロバイトのパケット通信が発生します。この通信は無料対象外となります。他のお客様のご迷惑となるような、大容量のデータの継続的な送受信などを行った場合に、一時的に通信を制限する場合があります。無料対象の範囲は、今後、変更又は追加されることがありますのでご了承ください。変更又は追加後の無料対象の範囲は、すでにご契約のお客さまにも適用されます。

Unlimited* Plan
Designed for Heavy users such as business travellers or users who needs to upload/download a lot of Data during the stay in Japan.
Recommended for customers who 
・I am on a business trip and needs to do online meetings, constantly connected via email or SNS. 
・I am on leisure trip to Japan and needs to constantly use Google Map when I communte in Japan.