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Produced by DHA Corporation
(Japan Telco (MVNO) Registrsation number A-30-16419)
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Our product lines

SIMs for Japan


SIMs for overseas


For eSIM equipped devices

WiFi Router Set

Multi-use with prepaid SIM

Acess to the Internet anywhere whether you are traveling or working from home
With the increasing variety of devices from SIM-free smartphones, tablets, Mobile Wifi Router to LTE-compatible laptops, the demand for instant and constant connections to the internet has increased rapidly and become indispensable.
Our solutions fit for everyone
Short-term travellers
Business Use
Use during hospitalisation
DHA Mobile, a Japan registered Mobile Virutal Network Carrier, specialised in prepaid solution.

No matter you are overseas travellers coming to Japan, or locals who need to have internet access due to remote work, events, hospitalisation, we have different solutions from short to long term, small data volume to unlimited data solutions to fit your requirements.

All our service are prepaid in nature, so there are no hassles in committing a long term contracts, nor need for credit cards or pay for registeration fee. You prepaid everything including the SIM and the Data usage, so there are no extra bills to paid.  Also it is ideal for business to expense multi-months expense into one lump sum payment.
SIM card is SIMple
Point 01
No application nor contract
No application or contract is required, nor multi-years commitment. No registration is required at the time of purchase, and no extra fees are incurred. There is no need to return the SIM card after use.
Point 02
Easy to set up, ready to use
You can start using it at any time you want, without waiting. Easy to set up and easy to use even for beginners.
Point 03
Easier and less expensive than renting Wi-Fi router
Unlike rental Wi-Fi at the airport, there is no troublesome procedures such as reservations, contracts, pick up and returning the router. You only pay one price to cover all data amount and days of use, unlike in renting Wifi router, where you have options to pay like insurance or damages if you lose the router. Also it is much cost effective for SIM card especially over longer duration of use. 
Welcome to DHA MOBILE
official site
High Quality Service without breaking your wallet
DHA Mobile (MVNO registeration No. A-30-16419) provides latest technology and high-quality products at a reasonable price by directly contracting with major operators over the world.
Trusted by business and government bodies for mission critical connections
Nippon SIM is trusted by airlines, companies , government departments, schools and hospitals. We also sell to consumers via nationwide chained stores and airport retailers.
In house Supports from
Pre-sales to post sales
We do not merely sell products. We are committed to provide first class services and peace of mind to our customers: from pre-purchase enquires to post sales supports..
Three plans to fit your needs
Nippon SIM
Make your stay in Japan comfortable
We have a rich lineup of standard, app-free, and Unlimited Data plans to fit your needs, from 5 days to 365days, 
Let us keep you connect
while traveling abroad
DHA SIM can be used in many countries and regions around the world, including Asia, the United States, and Europe. We have the best plans to meet the needs of travelers.
Global SIM
Multi-use SIM to support 
your trips around the world
Just install the app, select the country, days of usage, and pay online. When you arrive at your destination, simply insert the global SIM and turn on the device to connect to the internet.
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