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Nippon SIM for Japan
Produced by DHA Corporation
(Virtual mobile network operator notification number A-30-16419)
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Nice to meet you, this is DHA Corporation
DHA Corporation (Virtual Mobile Network Operator Notification No. A-30-16419) provides customers with the latest technology and high-quality products at a reasonable price by directly concluding a contract with an MNO (Mobile Communication) operator. I will do it.

Nippon SIM for Japan has a proven track record in many companies, government agencies, and miscellaneous schools, and is widely used in markets such as large-scale mass retailers and airport retailers.

We would like to provide services that customers can use with peace of mind, not only by providing products, but also by providing consistent support from the examination stage to after purchase.
SIM card is very easy
No contract is required and there is no two-year bond. No registration is required at the time of purchase, and no extra fees are incurred.
There is no need to return the SIM card after use.
No contract binding
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Unlike rental Wi-Fi at the airport, there is no need for troublesome procedures such as reservations, contracts, and insurance plans.
The fee is prepaid only for the amount you use, and it is more convenient than rental Wi-Fi and can be used for a long time.
Easier than a Wi-Fi router
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You can start using it at any time you want, without waiting.
Easy to set up and easy to use even for beginners.
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Easy to set up, ready to use
Use the Internet whether you are traveling or working from home
Now that cheap SIMs have become commonplace and the number of SIM-free smartphones, dual SIM-compatible models, tablets and LTE-compatible laptops has increased rapidly, a comfortable Internet environment has become indispensable.
The prepaid SIM service provided by DHA Corporation is convenient not only for short-term travel, but also for teleworking, hospitalization, and easy purchase even for those who do not have a credit card. Recommended as a means of communication.
Since the fee is prepaid and no additional fee is incurred, it is easy to charge the company even when using telework.
Three plans according to usage style
Nippon SIM
Make your stay in Japan comfortable
Let's connect reasonably while traveling abroad
Global SIM
Multi-use terminal
Fly around the world with one hand
We have a rich lineup of standard specifications, app-free, and all-you-can-use plans.
DHA SIM can be used in many countries and regions around the world, including Asia, the United States, and Europe. We have the best plans to meet the needs of travelers.
Just install the app, select the required number of days and country of stay, and purchase. When you arrive at your destination, simply insert the global SIM and turn on the device to connect to the internet.